International Modern Martial Arts FederationInternational Modern Martial Arts Federation

The International Modern Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) was founded by GM Frank Trejo and Professor Steve Stewart in 2008.

Mission Statement

The Goal of the IMMAF is to further educate all those affiliated in the Martial Arts and Business side of the day to day operation of a Studio while fine tuning and enhancing physical skills. The combined length of time of these two individuals in Martial Arts equals over 75 years. Enjoy the Journey.

Vision Statement

To continue to educate both in business and the martial arts with individuals who possess the Passion and Desire to live their Dreams!

IMMAF Board of Directors

  • GM Frank Trejo
  • Professor Steve Stewart
  • Mr Sebastian Snow
  • Mrs Christine Snow
  • Mr Paul Steward
  • Mr Robin Empey
  • Mrs Melanie Stewart
  • Mr Henrie Timmers

IMMAF Board of Advisors

  • Mr Dave Elliott
  • Mr Paul Purves

Grand Master Board of Advisors

  • GM Frank Trejo
  • Professor Steve Stewart
  • Professor Leon Jay
  • Master Ken Smith
  • GM George Dillman
  • Mr Dan “The Beast” Severn

IMMAF Events

  • Mr Jeff Hedden, Events Coordinator
  • Mrs Claudine Bourdeau, Special VIP Events
  • Mr Henrie Timmers, Marketing Director

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