• Instructor Level 1 & 2 – Basic Anatomy and Handling Disruptive Individuals with Kyusho
    $599 USD plus S&H or 3 payments of $219 USD plus S&H
  • Instructor Level 3 – Club, Knife & Firearm Situations using Kyusho
    $599 USD plus S&H or 3 payments of $219 USD plus S&H

For all HPPT Levels:

Option A – 1 day certification

Option B – Learn at own pace from home using instructional DVD’s. When ready to certify, either come to the SSMMA studio or Professor Steve will come to you!

Options A & B Include:

– Operational Manual
– 2 DVD Training Set
– Marketing Tools (Excitement & Retention of Members)
– Written & Practical Exam
– International HPPT Certificate (upon completion)
– Instructors receive HPPT patch

HPPT Bonus Segment DVDHPPT Bonus Segment (35min DVD)
Also available for $499
or free with full payment

Make a full payment when ordering and we’ll include a FREE HPPT Bonus Segment DVD and also the Combat Pressure Points Volume OR American Kenpo Volume DVD!

For more information or to place an order, call 519-438-KICK (5425)