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The Modern Science of Self Defence

Established in 2003 by Professor Steve Stewart, The Combat Pressure Point Systems are intented for anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge beyond the basic realm of just punching, kicking and grappling to a more in-depth Scientific step by step approach utilizing Kyusho- Jitsu (one second combat) principles, correct angle and direction, energy flow, cycle of destruction and pressure point application breakdown that is a proven method of self defense in a realistic combat situation. Each Combat Pressure Point Volume gives you a step by step approach and a close quarters combat analysis of pressure point application.

2013 marks 40 years of martial arts for Professor Steve Stewart. His vast knowledge and understanding of various styles has lead him to have obtained Black Belts in several disciplines, the highest being a 9th dan in Kyusho-Jitsu under Grandmaster George Dillman in April 2011.

Professor Stewart has been in a number of martial arts magazines over the years including Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, Budo, Martial Arts Business on-line and most recently on the cover of Martial Arts Professional Magazine (December 2004 Issue). Professor Stewart has also been in martial arts magazines in Australia, Europe and France. He has been interviewed by local televison (Rogers Cable) and a guest on “Breakfast Television”. In April of 2003 he was recruited by Blue Dragon Entertainment to have a role in a film titled “TRANSFORMED”.  He conducts seminars all over the world to all styles of the martial arts adding the art of Kyusho to their discipline, even as a Kenpo Stylist himself, the art of Kyusho (Pressure Point Combat) can elevate ones level of knowledge within their art by 200%.

After completing his Doctorate, Professor Steve Stewart plans to be involved with more films, and write a series of books.

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