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Steve Stewart (PhD DNM DHS) along with his colleagues at the Clinic have several amazing products available to their patients for the past several years with excellent results.

Steve StewartIn his busy clinical practice Steve will recommend specific remedies for a wide range of conditions. Throughout his 30+ years of practice and teaching Steve is constantly being asked for suggestions about which remedies to take to improve the fitness level of his marital artists and athletes. He has put together an abbreviated line specifically for this purpose.

Steve himself uses several of these products on a daily basis, keeping him in optimal health, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Herein is the great secret of the Universal balance of Yin & Yang (Positive & Negative) Polarities.

Whether you are a hobbyist in Fitness and the Martial Arts or a serious trainer, you will feel the dramatic effects and experience huge shifts in your overall well being in areas of Muscle Tone & Strength, Flexibility, Weight Loss, Cardio and increased Energy and Alertness.

Steve’s Memberships include:

  • Member of the Canadian Examining Board for Healthcare Professionals
  • Member of the Academy of Naturopathic and Naturotherapists
  • Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners of North America
  • Member of Pastoral Medical Association
  • Member of Examining Board for Natural Medicine Practitioner of Canada

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